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    As you might guess many celebrities all over the world are using and running on Micro product all over the world.
    If you want you could check this out on the micro.ms website. The number of "Stars" and there kids who use micro is incredible.

    On microbj.com we want to show you how we and our friends live their lives with micro products. It is:

  • Cool
  • Fun
  • Active &
  • We don't know how we managed without ...
    Check for yourself @ our blogs: Sina and Weibo

    The Micro Family is a fun team.
    Take part at all kinds of events in and close to Beijing.

  • at schools
  • at Malls
  • at company events
  • at birthday parties
  • at .... you name it

    You can book us which will certainly increase the fun and activity level at your event. Contact us it is worth it I can promise you.

    Check out our Micro Beijing Safety training Agenda...


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