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    About us:

    When Kelly and Ralf saw their (at that time 2.5 year old) son within seconds enjoying the mini micro at their friends place in South-Korea, it leads them to the decision to contact micro for bringing the wonderful toy to China.

    Over time, their two "monsters" started to see mini micro as their best friends. Even in winter time the boys ride them all over Beijing and since the "two minsters" cannot get enough. "It's hard to remember how we managed without them" Kelly mentioned.

    Today they have a great company, which allows them to bring the joy of riding micro to Beijing. "After events on weekend our two boys ask us: Do we have one next week again?" Ralf said proudly.

    With their own store (@ Solana Shopping Mall Chaoyang District) in Beijing, the events and over 60 retailers they have now very good sales in the capital and north China cities! So, both are sure that children in China will enjoy micro scooter as much as their own do!

    Micro Beijing History

    The value of a product recommended by other parents is not to be underestimated and the feedback from parents and teachers who have seen micro scooters in action has reinforced our own belief that children can enhance their physical ability whilst having a lot of fun. Our whole family has a great time scooting around the Beijing, through airports, just almost everywhere. For the two little "Monsters" of the family, micro scooters give huge independence and the satisfaction of keeping up with older siblings. For the older once a lot of activity in catching them.

    If I were to say exactly how much time our children spend on their micro scooters you would definitely think I was exaggerating. Over time, the two "monsters" started to see there micro mini scooters as best friends riding taking them everywhere. These micro mini scooters are just amazing, the kids are on them from morning to night and never tire of them. For us, their value is immeasurable and they have certainly benefitted our whole family. After covering hundreds of kms, they are still as good as new and it's hard to remember how we managed without them!

    Even in the winter time they we ride them all over Beijing and since the "two monsters" cannot get enough they even ride them all the way though the apartment.

    I'm sure your children will enjoy them as much as ours do.

    Kelly and Ralf

    Micro Beijing

    micro mobility - the company

    The micro story began as a matter of convenience.

    Micro Beijing History

    For the inventor of the micro scooter, Wim Ouboter, it was too far to walk to his favourite bar and not quite far enough to warrant getting on his bike or getting the car out of the garage.

    The solution had to be lightweight and easy to ride. And it had to fold up, so that it could be tucked out of the way when not being used.

    From a cool concept to a global phenomenon. Today micro is recognised as the leading scooter and kickboard manufacturer throughout the world. No other Swiss designer has captured the world's imagination in so short a period or continued to deliver quality and innovation time and time again.

    Today, kids of all ages around the world are familiar with the result: millions of micro scooters and copies-of have been sold worldwide, and they remain a bestseller.

    micro was founded in 1996 and is based in the village of Ksnacht on Lake Zurich, Switzerland. From here, a young and highly motivated team handles deliveries to customers and dealers in about 52 countries.

    Micro Mobility Systems is determined to go on playing a major role in urban lifestyles for many years to come. The vision of the original kickboard and micro scooter was ground breaking. High quality Swiss design and technologically advanced products are the hallmark of our success.




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